Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Greetings Everyone~!

Today’s post, as mentioned by the title, is a spoiler-free review of the latest installment to the Star Wars franchise: The Last Jedi. Specifically, I will be focusing on story, characters, interaction, and direction.

The Story

I enjoyed the direction the story arc took in this episode. Rogue One was a well-done pre-sequel that bridged the original and prequel trilogies, but The Last Jedi is in a park all its own. My significant other and I kept on predicting twists and turns every chance we were given and then were proven (at least halfway) wrong more than once.

The storyline of The Last Jedi is certainly a ride worth the price of the theater tickets. And all of the logical thinkers out there, please ignore some of the practicality misses!

Storyline Rating: 8.5/10

The Characters

Within The Last Jedi, was a ton of work on the characters: From flat, two-dimensional pieces of writing to full-fledged human resembling characters that have emotions, turmoil, relationships, and limitations. Overall, some characteristics became keystones, while others whithered and replaced.

I think the various intercharacter banter that happened helped to dimensionalize the main characters: spunky ones, cunning ones, deluding ones, and surprising ones. There are even some impressive “throwaways” that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Character Development Rating: 7/10

The Acting and Direction

Finally, on to the cinematography (since I’m leaving out spoilers!). The way the movie was designed was–in my opinion–a spectacularly creative choice in spite of a few illogical plot moments. I loved the portrayal of the lasers and the eminent saber battles. The way the outer space scenes were shot were impeccably beautiful and mesmerizing. When I looked at certain parts of scenes, I loved how the director (Rian Johnson) spun the story and even tied in certain elements to potentially excite some of the biggest Star Wars nerds!

Johnson surprised me since it wasn’t the same director calling the shots in this episode, but yet maintained the cinematography that is iconic for a Star Wars story all the while adding his own pizzazz as a garnish. Truly, I think his creative vision was the kind of thing we needed for such a take on the story’s plot and advancement.

The Actors

As for the acting, I loved how the actors tried to include some of the iconic traits of their characters to show the dynamics of their changes and, rather more, to humanize them and make them relatable. For example, when I first saw Rey, she was the standard Mary Sue heroine: capable to do anything, extremely talented, and somehow had the knowledge to fix something when a problem came up. Come Episode VIII, she’s evolved into a person, and not just a stereotype.

The way each character evolves is not only believable and palpable, it seems real and natural.

Acting/Directing Rating: 9/10


As for what I think about Episode IX: it’s been slated that J.J. Abrams will return to the slot of director and screenwriter for the movie. With this, I’m sure many already have high hopes or expect the things they don’t like to be fixed or redacted. But, I only think positive for this:

  1. Rey’s heritage will (hopefully) be revealed, expanded, or possibly (I hope not) redacted
  2. Kylo will continue to be developed as a character; as will Rey
  3. The conclusion of either the First Order or the Rebellion shall come
  4. One of the throwaways becomes significant for either the next trilogy, or the next SW Story


After my evaluation and understanding, I would recommend seeing this movie and I would watch it again.



Learning is not a Weakness

Understanding Weakness

“We all have two options: stay in the past or move forward.” This phrase, along with a few other mantras, is one I use often. Every person in life comes across a set of struggles; usually, these struggles will either help or harm the person.

One of my favorite things about what I do is that I am able to understand where my weaknesses lie. Sure, being able to recognize fault is an item on the standard job interview questionnaire, but not many seem to understand what it is like to experience this recognition without someone asking for it to be verbalized. Such a skill can only be done through thorough examination of oneself internally.

My Weakness

But, what is a weakness, exactly? Well, that’s a tough word to explain. I could give you a definition from  Mr. Webster himself, but I’ll refrain from giving you recycled information.

Where is my weakness?

I would ask myself this question during a period of self-examination. During that period, I came to realize that I am always searching for something.

Though, what does it mean to be always searching? For me, always searching means that I am always curious; I am constantly seeking knowledge. To others I know, always searching could mean something vastly different like being confused or feeling like there is something missing. This is not the case for me.

I love to learn (an acquainted colleague wrote an interesting article on this!). Since I know that knowledge is endless, I have an insatiable desire to know all that I can humanly retain. I try my best to recognize that this is both a blessing and a curse in itself. For one thing, I can be oblivious to the obvious encounters in front of me; this is a downside, showing that it is a weakness. But, I’m also very thorough in my research of topics when I am handed a project, and it allows me to cross-reference and analyze my findings, proving it to also be an enhancer.

So, what is a weakness?

If you ask me, a weakness is something that you can improve: a skill, knowledge, interactions, comprehension. It isn’t something that holds you back; it should be something that pushes you forward.

Learning and education aren’t weaknesses by the standard definition. They are motivators and should be treated as such.

Hell Schedule: Coping with an Internship

Greetings fellow Geeks and Peoples~!

The past week I started an internship with one of my educational Alma-maters: the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization. I graduated from the Diploma Programme in 2015 and now I am a communications intern! How exciting~.

One challenge: I am now having to balance my 2-year part-time job, university credits, an on-campus club, and this internship. This is gonna be one hell of a balancing act, because on top of the aforementioned, I have a social life that I would like to keep. Kinda hard to that with only one day to yourself, isn’t it?

Either way, this was just a brief update. I know I don’t post as much as some would like, but I must say that whoever reads this, I’m glad that you do read it.

Stay strong, people.


Ophiuchus and his Omission from the Zodiac

Ophiuchus (Oh-FEW-cuss) is the least-known sign on the celestial equator for the sole purpose that he isn’t mentioned in the Western and Sidereal 12-signed zodiac systems. More often he is omitted in Western Astrology with the occasional appearance in the Sidereal, depending on the interpreting astrologer. Further research on this opened the door of my mental curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so I decided to delve further into the rabbit hole on the subject. Let’s start with the basics about Ophiuchus before moving on to reasons why he was omitted, other than the obvious.

Who (or What) is Ophiuchus?
The story behind Ophiuchus is an interesting one, primarily for the reason that the constellation seems to be generated from the story of a (supposed) ancient being. Ophiuchus is known as the Serpent Bearer, thanks to the Greek translation of his name, when being referred to astrologically and in mythology. His presence in the Tropical Zodiac line of progression seems very out of place to those who study the standard Western astrology; his placement being almost exactly beneath the constellation of Scorpio.

His past indicates one of secrecy, but not performed by him. And this is where the omitted sign piqued my interest. To explain, the synopsis of the story behind Ophiuchus’ existence in the celestial equator is nothing more than this:

The gods of Greece watched over Ophiuchus and his developments in the medical sciences. However, when they discover of his unusual methods, along with his extraordinary string of good fortune, Hades proposes a deal to Zeus to makes sure the gods maintain authority over man.

What do the Greek gods have to do with anything pertaining to a constellation? Back in Greek mythology, that is how the constellation of Orion appeared in the midnight landscape. Orion’s death was an unsightly accident that never should have happened, and so to honor his leaving of the “material” world, he was forever embedded into the celestial sky to be looked upon by his lover, Artemis. Ophiuchus has a different story, seeing as he intimidated the gods.

But, it wasn’t that he made the gods wary that caused his death; a discovery that would upset the current balance of the time is what caused the Fates to take him away. What is meant by that is Ophiuchus had supposedly found a way for humans to “live forever,” so to speak. This sparked the realization that if humans became immortal, some of the gods would no longer be necessary. Where would they go? How would they still exist?

This recipe to immortality was supposedly found in snake venom–nowadays known as the recipe for antivenom and others like it–and this was a novel and radical idea at the time. And, still referring to Greek Mythology, associating with the serpentine kind often affiliated a being with the Gorgons (think Medusa). When someone is associated with the not-so-nice Gorgons, suspicions are bound to rise. Also, despite being referred to as evil, one important, but lesser known, fact about serpents and snakes: they’re very intelligent, creating the ability of cunning.

So, Hades, Lord of the Underworld and Warden of Dead Souls, convinced the almighty Zeus to rid the human world of Ophiuchus and his potential of creating a “level playing field” between god and man. Instead of just allowing him to die, Ophiuchus was memorialized in the sky as the constellation “the Snake Bearer” to remind the mortals that you should not go beyond what the order of the universe states.

The Traits of those under Ophiuchus
The Snake Bearer Ophiuchus is probably one of the luckiest, if not the luckiest, along the celestial equator. When referring to the Zodiac, the traits of Ophiuchus are either alarming or enticing.

Positive traits owned by Ophiuchus are extremely high IQ’s, “freedom fighter” syndrome, justified altruism, authenticity, insatiable desire to know things, prosperous blessings, special treatment, trustworthiness, and likability. These are mostly categories and groupings of traits found from various sights during research.

The double-edged sword comes from the Negative traits under Ophiuchus: secret enemies, rebellious to a fault, judgmental thought processes, and ego problems. (Again, this list is an abbreviated list of categories that were deemed fitting of the majority of traits found for the Snake Bearer.)

Knowing the qualities isn’t enough information to use, though. The tendencies of those with an Ophiuchus “guidance” are prone to have lives that exist on Easy Street; and they can easily develop the problems of impatience, unhealthy narcissism, and constant separation. These problems can evolve from both the good and the bad of the omitted sign.

Hypotheses for Omitting Ophiuchuz

For those who may know, the Tropical Zodiac was deemed to be created by the Babylonians. Whether or not this is true is beyond my amateur knowledge. However, whichever society or civilization it was that decided to create the Tropical Zodiac, the people within it didn’t seem to like Ophiuchus.

Within the understanding of the Zodiac, each Sign has distinct or discernible traits that create its identity as that Sign. Also, each sign gets about the same amount of opportunity for power as the others. Ophiuchus, in a similar way to Pisces, takes traits from multiple signs on the wheel, except that Ophiuchus is historically viewed as one of higher value than the little fish, Pisces; the rationale is due to his lifelong streak of luck. This trait, passed down from Greek mythology, permeated the essence of Ophiuchus and the understanding of the Sign’s power: the ability to give one an exceptionally prosperous lifestyle.

With this knowledge, it can be understand why Ophiuchus would be omitted. Such a great power given to a Zodiac Sign seems unfair, which is a hypothesis as to why he isn’t allowed to be part of astrological system. But, to add to the argument, Ophiuchus has the trait that makes having enemies inevitable: easy, natural success.

Ophiuchus’ amicable nature and lifestyle of good fortune is a volatile mixture of information for the other constellations on the celestial equator. The Snake Bearer would be the only Zodiac sign based upon the idea of an actual person in some sort of mythology–don’t overthink and assume that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is in relation to this because it represents a human. Those given the “cursed blessing” of possessing Ophiuchan traits are often already set apart.

Therefore, it can be assumed that one reason to omit Ophiuchus from the Zodiac is to maintain the idea that humans are flawed. The constellation of Ophiuchus is deemed to be the optimal kind of person according to its backstory. Granted, there are people who strive to be the idea of optimal or perfect within their individual perspective, but since what should and shouldn’t be considered optimal or ideal is a subjective matter, the easiest way to keep the Zodiac even remotely objective is to leave out the idea of perfection.

To show an argument, the twelfth Zodiac Sign, Pisces, is stated to gather traits from the previous eleven houses (Signs) in the Tropical system. However, which traits are gathered is stated to be an uneven amount that is ruled by the Sign’s element, orientation, and modality (all of which are for people fancy the study of astrology). Since Ophiuchus is assumed to be a so-called “perfect” sign, this would disrupt that balance, because Pisceans are nowhere near perfect; neither is any other Zodiac Sign.

The second hypothesis is the more logical-minded one: the creators of the Zodiac believed that having thirteen signs was an omen. Thirteen (13) is often dictated as an unlucky number, hence Friday the 13th being a dreaded day for the superstitious. Not only is 13 considered unlucky, but it is hard to have an even split when there isn’t an even number of items to divide. Having thirteen signs instead of twelve would disrupt the mathematical and systematical balances that helped create the Zodiac, aside from the mythology and social trends of the time.

So, there is an analysis of the Zodiac after a long period of hiatus for which I apologize. This article was an interesting research project and a fun one to write. I hope to post more in the near future.



Marriage Equality, Social Explosion, and a Fireworks Show

Good morning The Geekdom. Sorry that I’ve been so late to the party, but since I am I’ve decided to wrap up three important current events in one post. So, please, bear with me.

Topic 1: Marriage

On 29 May 2015, the Supreme Court dictated that the forbiddance of homosexual marriage was unlawful and unjust, and officially declared any marriage or knot-tying between any two persons valid in all 50 states. I deem that a step forward in today’s economy (and I understand that not all of you will agree with me). But, nonetheless, if the USA is supposed to be the “land of the free and the home of the brave” as stated in our national anthem, then we have to honor what that says, even if it means sacrificing certain opinions to guarantee the freedom we seek.

After all, freedom doesn’t come free. 🙂

I understand as well that I am surrounded by many Christian believers who are disgusted by this act of justice, who are also saying that it is not “true love”. In that case I must argue the opposite. Homosexuals, Bis, Pans, and asexuals cannot control for whom they have feelings, and there is scientific data and evidentiary support backing it up. So, to reply to their disgust: It is not your life so why does it matter to you? Just let people be happy.

Topic 2: Social Networking

Upon the revelation of marriage equality being legal, the social network’s bandwidth nearly exploded as hundreds of thousands–straights and gays alike–celebrated their victory in public. It seems to be the start of a revolution.

In lieu to Facebook and other networks being bombarded by the lovers, another riot has broken out over the social media nationwide. The Confederate Flag, which is the symbol of Southern pride and hospitality, is deemed to be racist because of the Charleston “massacre” earlier this year. Granted the event was tragic, but no grudges were held against the man who killed the nine churchgoers. Nor did the meaning behind the Confederate Battle flag change because of it.

Many folks from the darker skintone don’t see that the people who have stimulating conversations with them and respect the “rebel” flag are not racists or trying to make them feel appreciated because they are second class. Like every flag this one has a history and is a symbol that is often misinterpreted by people of society. Me, personally, I never saw it as racist. I never thought race was a social separator until I discovered racist children and adults bullying those of the darker skin.

Due to the offense people have taken to this symbol of heritage, many major stores are planning or have already taken action. They’re removing it from all large-scale outlets. Though, they don’t realize, the more you forbid something, the more it is desired. You can’t force a nation to do anything if you show no respect for opinions.

So, to wrap this up, I don’t understand why people refuse to see that, despite people who are racist are flying this flag, so are people who think that racism is crap. I mean, I have dark-skinned family members who fly that flag.

Topic 3: 4th of July

Strangely I am transitioning into the American national holiday known for fireworks and beer. Why? Two reasons:

  1. 4th of July is like an early birthday celebration for me. One that I don’t have to plan.
  2. It’s the easiest present for my Aunt, who was born on July 4th.

But, I realized that this national celebration relates with the previous topic: pride in my nation. Because, if the Confederate Flag was to be illegal (and it is a sign of celebration of upbringing (that isn’t necessarily racist)) then shouldn’t having any pride in this country be considered illegal? It’s just a question.

Anyway, I should sign off for now until I find a new topic to post about. If this sparks up a debate, please be respectful of those you are arguing with. Thank you.



A Complete Head Transplant?

Okay, I’m sure the title line was interesting or disturbing enough for you to ask, “WTH is going on here?” Well, let me tell you:

An Italian doctor, Dr. Sergio Canavero, is a medical associate in neurological surgery. He is determined to do a full head transplantation surgery on a volunteer patient, 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov, a man who is suffering from “Werdnig-Hoffman disease”.

This particular surgery, from the article I read (and have attached), takes almost 36 hours and 150 medical people to complete! Wowza that’s a lot of people to work on one man.

And better yet, Spiridinov knows the consequences could be “worst than death” but still continues to offer himself as guinea pig. I guess he has nothing to really lose! The Russian man (I’m saying this because it’s easier than saying his name) could basically be considered legally insane after the operation because his psyche could be permanently destroyed. He’s taking the circumstances better than I would in his shoes.

Canavero says that the “professionals are wrong” about head transplantation and that it is now fully capable of being fulfilled with a success. I sure hope he’s right. As a doctor, Canavero is literally taking a gamble with life and death here; I know I would most definitely crack under this kind of publicity and pressure.

So, to get this Italian man’s point of view, watch the nine minute TEDx Talk below and let me know what you think. Also, a link to the article talking about Dr. Canavero.


Another Music Junkie Post

Hey all you NERDs and G33Ks! I’m a music junkie, and I’ll admit that I am in love with Paramore. A lot of my friends are, too. I don’t think people should really be judged or humiliated by what bands they do or don’t listen to. I like punk rock, grunge, post-grunge, and metal, and finally.

I find it funny when my classmates or family members try to predict me listening to only country music, because it’s not true. They just don’t want me to grow up yet. Ha. I feel like any of you have felt that way at least once: people judging you by your music tastes, or trying to predict them? It’s bogus. Humans are, in majority, NOT telepathic, so why should we try to be?

I’ll go out and say that the bands who have helped me out the most in life seem like polar opposites; they are Rascal Flatts and Paramore. Being a Flatthead I know that RF is a country/soft rock band by category under the label Big Machine Records; however, being a Para-whore (because I’m obsessed) I also know that Paramore is a punk-rock band with a bit of a pop twist as of their self-titled release from the label Fueled By Ramen.

I try to make these post entertaining and often inspiring, because I feel that people like us–the misfits–take way too much crap, and therefor see no reason in trying to reduce our status to the equivalence of mere slugs. I also know that there are people out there which similar, if not the same, interests as us Misfits.

I listen to hard music, and I sing along with it even if my vocal styling doesn’t quite match. Why? Because I believe in the uniqueness and authenticity of people should be allowed to be existent, not just hoped for. I know I am only one person, but I try to encourage this because I have been down that rut and I hope none of you readers have to, or that I can help you with it. After all, :), we have to stick together, don’t we?

Yours, OcieOMG

Dancing With The Stars: MARIO Freestyle

Okay all of you nerds and geeks out there, I–as also an official N.E.R.D. girl–have found one of the BEST things ever found on the YouTube world! Sadie Robertson and her partner Mark Ballas performed a freestyle pick on week 11 of this season’s DWTS and absolutely let both their inner child AND their inner geek show with this master mix of the original Mario Brothers theme music! Watch below for crazy stunts and a SALUTE to nerds everywhere!

Geekly Yours,

Admin OC-3P0 (retro specialist)

Ciao for now peoples!

The Walking Dead: Filtering Philosophy

I’m sure that this post may bring up debates, but here goes nothing and everything. This was a philosophy paper I wrote in high school.

I think therefore I am.  ~ René Descartes

Descartes: The Mind-Body Problem

The first episode of The Walking Dead shows many issues of philosophy, however these so-called issues aren’t issues in the book of the Descartes. The philosophy cogito ergo sum or “I think therefore I am” applies to not only the remaining living people in the beginning, but to the walkers as well. I believe the walkers could also be considered human because they appear to apply to Descartes’ thought of a human being: a thinking thing with memory.

To support my argument, in the very beginning of the episode a little zombie girl walks over to grab a teddy bear after she’s been bitten, proving due had memory of some sort of connection to a teddy bear or stuffed animal she had before she was was bitten. If the little walker had no capacity of memory, then she couldn’t be human, also that it must require thought in some way to recall a memory. In similarity, after Rick was shot and in the hospital, he was also able to remember previous emotional attachments after a traumatic event. (Everyone should know being almost devoured alive is most likely traumatic.)

I believe the walkers have minds due to the appearance of thought and memory, despite their lack–but not loss–of reasoning skills and doubt. The living show signs of reason (seldomly) and doubt along with thought and memory.

In addition to show walkers could be human, there is an underlying thought of the possibility that they are strategic like the humans that are alive. When Rick is found with the family in one off the abandoned houses in the Georgian town, a car alarm goes off which emits light and sound (these are attractive to walkers). It is possible that the walkers could have set it off to lure out some stupid prey for them to feast upon, but of the course the living classify them as unable to think so to them that couldn’t be possible. If the walkers had no minds then they wouldn’t be human by Descartes’ theory of a thinking animal or creature as human.

The walkers can also track the movements of their prey and remember where they raise, if they see light coming from a house, they camp out as groups collaborating in order to capture some prey. In order to get the living they must remember their tracks and therefore must have minds.

Also, I believe the episode shows that the walkers have emotion, making them human because they feel pain and understand misery and attachment for them (and basically ignoring those of the living.) The crawler experienced pain and suffering while her entrails were hanging out and most likely because of a rather vicious set of walkers. Plus, one of the walkers used to be one of the living’s wife and kept reappearing in front of the house in which her family was hiding, however she refused to eat them; she looked very sad and in reminiscence of her family she seems to walk away to keep her emotional bond with the memory of when she was living.

The walkers are thus human because they have minds and can think. “I think therefore I am” applies to them just as much as it would the living. Just because the walkers are the undead doesn’t mean they don’t have minds our aren’t human.

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NEW STORY! Generation: C.Y.B.O.R.G

Hey guys! Sorry for the time gap. School really keeps you busy! But somehow in that time I’ve managed to create a post-apocalyptic sci-fi story. (I know that topic is a bit cliché, but it just happened.) I’ll give you the prologue and I want FEEDBACK! 🙂 Please. Criticism is what a writer needs!

Prologue: Destiny Calls

I don’t have much memory of my past or why I’m like this.

All I know is that I am considered superhuman. Yet I am no superhero.

I am a drone working for the tyrants in the government building, designed to serve without question; I am machine and human being.

This is my story: one of rebellion, beginnings, and teamwork.



I guess one could call me a rebel—a vigilante if you will—when it comes to government… I’ll admit that laws are necessary, but lawmaking is arbitrary to my sense of mind since I understand the laws and the authority they hold.

But now I’m in a holding cell for my treason against my creators… I remember be socially normal for a time in my life—it’s a very faint memory—but I’ve been cybernetic for so long it has come to be my normal. I know what the consequences of treason are: shut down, reprogramming,and parole—strict parole.

This has become a routine for me because when society finds something that defies its rules, setups, or starts questioning its authority it immediately shuts it down as soon as it can strike. So the jail cell that has been perpetually reserved for me has been sealed with the latest improvement upon Plexiglas that is scratch-proof, shatter-proof, and virtually temperature-proof; within my inescapable chamber exists an electromagnetic wave-set that messes with my superhuman capabilities. That means one of two things: they have finally stopped underestimating me, or they have reached the nadir of human intelligentsia where we AIs are actually superior to their “creators”.

The director’s face appears on the other side of the glass. “E-119,” she begins, “this is the fifth time I’ve seen you in here over the past two weeks. I must ask why are you being so problematic?”

I bare my teeth in utter disgust. “I don’t have to tell you anything you know,” I reply snidely. “I do have freedom of speech.” I start balling my gauntlet-clad-hand into a fist, readying my muscles to fight. “You may have my cybernetics on lock down, but not my attachments.” I set the gauntlet’s heat gun onto the appropriate setting. Is your wall heat proof? About to find out. Firing directly at the glass at point blank I fall back, my head slamming against the opaque glass behind me and feeling my structure beginning to crack under the pressure from the inertia.

The director rolls her eyes. “You’ve truly become like our ancestors: primal and instinctual. You rely on emotion more than rational theory, which is strange for a cyborg… “ She sighs heavily in disappointment. “This is why you need to be permanently reprogrammed. We have no choice but to relinquish you from your freedom until you have learned that we know what is best for your survival and mankind’s existence. Perhaps if you learn that lesson early, you will be re-assigned to field work alone. But until then, you must be put on parole until you have understood what your place in our new society actually is.

That cold face is the last thing I see before I black out.

Shut down.


Branch One is filled with operatives that do aggressive fieldwork for the government: military combat, etc; Branch Two is the Tactician Unit, providing the strategists, generals, and such of the like; Branch Three is the reconnaissance: ninja, stealth, snipers, hackers, and smiths. This information is elementary when inside the CYBORG institution. All cyborgs are sectioned off into certain battalions (B) that are organized (O) to perform specific military tasks; each cybernetically enhanced soldier is not only a soldier, but a law enforcement office. The soldiers during enhancement are probed mentally throughout the physical operation, wherein a psychiatric analysis is performed upon the thought process of each individual cyborg: how they process information, their unique strong suits, how they react under pressure.

This information is then processed to create the most idyllic mindset for the unique programming, taking in aspects like how they once learned and operated as a regular life form. The groups of technicians that form the pulse reactors that replace the former nervous system take the factors into account when referring to the control of the internal mechanisms of the artificial intelligence.

During the reprogramming process, the electrical systems are temporarily disconnected and the memory banks are replaced with a “faculty” set. The faculty set is then given the default foundation of code compilation for the unique assets of the soldier’s retrieved skill set. Once the skill set has been (re)created and consulted for, the cyborg is reactivated and monitored via a remote headquarters to see why the cyborg needed reprogramming. This headquarters records all found data, compiles it with the previous data in the soldier’s universal file in the database of the mainframe, and analyzes it.

By monitoring the actions of the parolee, the researchers can collect information on the subject’s actions and thought processes to formulate a conclusion about the internal reaction to the plague of the cyborgs: free thinking. Cyborgs are meant to be AI, artificial intelligentsia, that listen to the superiority of the mind of mankind that which created its existence. Why? All people of our generation know that humans are superior because of their adaptability, resilience, and quick/critical thinking.

After the slim survival of the human race, cyborgs were invented thanks to the safe housing of cybernetic technology, components, and their required manufacturing materials; these materials were then used to rebuild and modify losing human life forms in the battle between life and death. These new non-adaptable machines were designed to help the adaptable species survive, acting as survival tools proposed by the CYBORG Foundation after the event of the apocalypse.


An alarm sounds in G-427’s domain, a small red light blinking on his dorm’s task screen. It shows simple police work is needed down in the market sector about twenty minutes off. He slips on a holster for a .45 and slides open the door. Cautiously he checks the sleek halls to make sure he doesn’t wake any unneeded help. It’s late after all: 22:30.

Sadly, he’s caught by the rebel girl. “Where you goin’ Tommy-boy?”

He tries to politely shoo her away, but she just pulls on her boots and gauntlet insistently. Sighing, he allows her to tag along on such a simple mission.


The mission was a trap. The girl was captured by the authorities and brought back under C.Y.B.O.R.G’s watch. He was not fined or punished, seeing as he knew nothing of her. He doesn’t quite understand what happened to this day but he made a note to stay out of her sight so as to not bring up trouble.

He can’t ruin what he worked so hard to achieve.

Be Loud. Be Proud. Be “You”nique

I’ll admit, I may be an amiable person, but there are a lot of people who don’t like me for no legitimate reason; my judgment is that I’m obnoxiously annoying in the eyes of most people. I have a kind of inflection that says to back off and leave me alone when I talk, that is who I am without saying anything more.

I have an ultimate rule I follow, a particular motto I use as a guide: Be loud and be proud. I am obnoxious by sound because my voice is very loud and projected outward; I am a social person with anyone, nobody is considered a stranger in my eyes because I believe there is good in all people. The rule is my shining light other than my faith which I am open about; people may not think or recognize I am agnostic (but basically Buddhist) because I do not act like it at all.

I am not religious, religion is a man-made constitution that tries to comprehend spirituality and to an extent it can but I do not see myself as religious because I feel more spiritual than religious. I believe that your faith should not make you feel restricted, it should lift you up and make you feel freer than you ever have felt. If any of you have a changed view of me due to this post, I can’t say I’m sorry because it doesn’t affect me.

Not a natural born speaker despite loving to talk, I am “brilliant” on paper; with a pen or pencil, I can speak novels and volumes of pieces, topics, genres, etc. My vivid and active imagination allows me to be able to speak my mind and create stories and such atop the edge of my mind’s creative ability.

I am not afraid to express myself in every way possible: whether it be singing, drawing, dancing, writing, speech, theatre or clothing. I want to make a statement for myself that makes me not only remembered as a person, but different causing me to be remembered as an icon of sorts.

A pessimistic/verbally abusive pacifist, I roam the depths of the world not knowing what I will step into and embracing the unknown, happy to discover the meaning of things. What is the purpose of us? Why are we here, put on this Earth, our homeland? I ask a lot of questions like that hoping for answers, discovering that there is no universal response to them.

I am brutally honest, more blunt than a baseball bat, and pretty rude/straightforward (your choice). I like to belch and be disgusting, but it’s natural after all. People who think they can change me are most definitely wrong because I am more stubborn than a pack mule, and I am unafraid of my social differences being compared to my society’s preferences and standards.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell, besides the fact that I believe no one is actually “sane” and perfection and normality are just not achievable ideals.

A nerd. A geek. A dork. A freak. Psycho. Crazy. Everything in between. Can’t be changed. Hard-set mind. This is who I am.

Who are you?

Post who you are on your blog. Right here in the comments or a post if it’ll allow you. Link your “Be Loud Be Proud” post to my blog. Comment your opinion. I’m always all ears for something new you guys!

Ocie Marie, Main Admin to the NERD Blog.

Liebster Award

AColsin from Angela Colsin has nominated me for the Liebster award! Thanks so much first of all.

A Liebster Award is one that mentions blogs with <200 followers as a favorite, since Liebster is “favorite” in German. Now, in queue, I shall respond to her questions:

  • If you love to read, why?
    Well, it’s better than seeing something you hoped to expect just to see your hopes go down the drain. It’s completely free to interpretation! Also, reading opens the doors to the imaginative universe within the mind, and poses as a doorway for light-hearted spiritedness. I’m not allowed to have favorites because it makes me feel like I’m being prejudiced to the books I’ve read. 🙂
  • If you’re a writer, what inspires you?
    I try to keep an open mind, but my greatest inspirations are video games and the life around me. The world is so full of crazies and labellers that it’s amazing how much people miss.
  • Favorite Music?
    Most definitely don’t have one. Though I listen most to Country and Alternative/Post-grunge music that isn’t generic pop or dub-step. Or rap. Those 3 are the definite bottoms of my list.
  • Favorite Video Game?
    I don’t have a favorite game, but a fave game series. It’s Kingdom Hearts. Hands Down.
  • Name a few iconic people you look up to (or just one!).
    I look up to people who are down to Earth types: like my Mother, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Kelly Clarkson, and my Dad. I also admire my boyfriend for his tolerance and devotion.
  • Pizza or Burgers?
    Honest to God I can’t make that decision even if my LIFE depended on it. I love food.
  • Cats or Dogs?
    I’m more of a dog person, because I’ve had them all my life (since I was two). I love cats because of their fluffiness and instinct of knowing what’s home. But I’ve always admired dogs and their obvious intelligence, devotion, unconditional love, and skills.
  • Have any special talents no one knows about?
    Not that I know about. I’m usually pretty open about my personality. Shocking one though (due to the fact it isn’t expected at first) is that I’m a top-notch belcher in my family, behind my Mom.
  • What are your guilty pleasures?
    Frankly, I don’t have any deep dark pleasures other than the fact I read fanfiction.
  • Tired of this questionnaire yet?
    Meh. I’m neutral on that.

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My Questionnaire:

  1. What is your favorite pastime?
  2. If you write, what is your favorite genre to write about? Why?
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  4. Scale from 1-10, how crazy do you think you are? Explain.
  5. Video game favoritism anyone? Name your favorite game or game genre.
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I hope you guys enjoy these blogs! (I’m sorry about the link problems.)



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Crystal Kwanzaa, and so on!

I celebrate Christmas, a friend celebrates Hanukkah, another Kwanzaa. I still say Merry Christmas, all they do is reply back with their saying instead of “Happy Holidays”. We don’t care. Even people I don’t know will just reply with their belief like it’s nothing. I don’t mean anything by it and I definitely don’t mean to demean or purposefully harm another’s feelings, but I just don’t say “Happy Holidays” unless I’m at work.

Well, people then ask me this, “Why? It shows that you care about their holiday.”

In my opinion, it doesn’t: I grew up with my holiday being Christmas, and I’ve always said that. Saying “Happy Holidays” is like saying “happy every day of the year”. This one TV reporter said that he was Jewish, and celebrated Hanukkah; his neighbors would say “Merry Christmas”, but it never offended him because that’s their belief of things. He would see Christmas trees in the windows of his neighbors’ houses and then he’d see Menorahs a little further down the street.

Hence I shall continue to say Merry Christmas.