Mixing the Generations

Okay. I am an older generation mentally and by heart, but I’m very adept to new age equipment.
I still read books, I still watch 90’s cartoons, and I even enjoy movies from the 70’s and 80’s. My music taste is from the grungy, in your face 1990’s and yet I can manipulate the technology of today’s generations of the 00’s and the 2010’s.

So I can probably say that you might be wondering why I’m  posting this, well as a geek i have fonded myself with specific niches and hobbies that I feel are acquired to my mental processing. One of those niches would be technology. At 17 years old i have basically mastered Windows OS 8.1, the latest Microsoft Office software, and the pathways of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series. Needless to say that I have definitely been through hell trying to understand them as I fiddled with the spawns of Evil starting out.

This post, “Mixing Generations,”is all about the ways older generations can possibly be up-to-date in a rapidly advancing, competition investing, world of enterprise.

So allow me to officially begin. Older generations are often seen as outdated and the newer ones as misunderstood, when in all reality both are the latter of this spectrum. Each have their ideas which are novel and strange to the other because of the way society advances and changes in the blink of an eye. But sometimes, I believe these barriers can be broken if people become more open minded to the ideas of now and the simplicities that they can become.

For example, I am typing this post on the new Galaxy S6, or at least it is new for the time that I’m writing this, and come from an old soul mindset with a different set of values than the kids of today. I know this system as if I’ve had it for months now and it’s only been two days since my upgrade was gotten.

When I was younger, I had to work for what I wanted or just not get it, and was taught that money is a privilege to not be thought of lightly. I didn’t have much then and still don’t, but I don’t strive to have the best in order to top someone else or to be seen as “cool”. That’s not in my nature.

Many of my friends and family operate like this, too, but are not technologically inclined like I am. The easiest way to overcome this wall is to see things through the eyes of the youmger generation so that we older generations aren’t left to choke on the dust of their wheels. Granted, it’s  not easy to change the way traditions are viewed, but it’s worth a shot.

If this upsets any of you readers, I dearly apologize; if it inspires, then I’m glad. This kind of transition will, of course, take time to commit and involve those of generations past, but it also puts us as a nation, and as people, one step closer to an understanding national community.

Thank you,