Mental Struggles

Typically I try to avoid posts like these, but I feel like even those in the Geekdom Realm are more than able to relate to the concept of this post. An iffy topic like this isn’t always easy to approach, mind you. I had to think long, hard, critically, and preparedly in order to write this article.  So here goes everything.

I suffer from anxiety, and it is high-functioning anxiety. This means that my anxiety is typically managed by me trying to do other tasks, or that managing my anxiety looks like I am dazing out into space. On the outside I appear, in all aspects, completely fine and problem-free. While on the inside, I am full of insecurity about the stupidest of things. And I know these things are stupid, but I can’t just turn off a switch to worry them, and medication doesn’t help fix the problem rather than it helps control it.

Whether or not you believe that anxiety is all in my head. Or that I am saying this simply because I may want attention or more followers. I can tell you that you are more than welcome to think as you will. I can’t stop you.

But, my anxiety is not the only problem. Sometimes, things like anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand. When they tend to overlap, it starts to make me feel as though I am incompetent, unable to be the person that I am asked to be. And it doesn’t matter sometimes, because it could get so bad to where it seems like your bed is your only friend and that sleep is your only escape from it all.

Please, for any of you who think that this kind of illness isn’t really a disease, please take into consideration that humans adapt to the environment to which they are exposed. Your environment effects how you talk, your word choice, your body language, your choice of fashion, your eating habits… It has such an effect on the majority of your life that you don’t notice it.

I notice mine, because my worldview will change when the anxiety kicks in. The way I see the world turns into a complete 180-degree opposite viewpoint. That, my friends, is scary beyond compare. When my entire mood changes for no obvious reason, and then I cannot figure out what has triggered the ongoing feeling, I get scared for my life.

So, I say again. PLEASE don’t brush off mental illnesses or just say, “Take your medicine”. You’re not helping the problem. You’re part of the problem by doing that. Even if you’re not quite convinced of the validity of mental illness, that is unimportant. What’s more important: your view being correct or making sure someone close to maintains the will to live? Even for just one more day?

This marks the end of my PSA.



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