Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Crystal Kwanzaa, and so on!

I celebrate Christmas, a friend celebrates Hanukkah, another Kwanzaa. I still say Merry Christmas, all they do is reply back with their saying instead of “Happy Holidays”. We don’t care. Even people I don’t know will just reply with their belief like it’s nothing. I don’t mean anything by it and I definitely don’t mean to demean or purposefully harm another’s feelings, but I just don’t say “Happy Holidays” unless I’m at work.

Well, people then ask me this, “Why? It shows that you care about their holiday.”

In my opinion, it doesn’t: I grew up with my holiday being Christmas, and I’ve always said that. Saying “Happy Holidays” is like saying “happy every day of the year”. This one TV reporter said that he was Jewish, and celebrated Hanukkah; his neighbors would say “Merry Christmas”, but it never offended him because that’s their belief of things. He would see Christmas trees in the windows of his neighbors’ houses and then he’d see Menorahs a little further down the street.

Hence I shall continue to say Merry Christmas.




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