Otakus Unite at the Approval of New Soul Eater Season

Abiding by the information of an anonymous source I have contact with, the fantastic anime of Soul Eater, based off the manga of Ookubo Atsushi, has been approved for their fifth season following the death of Witch Arachne and picking up after the fight with Kishin Asura. How exciting!
Though as an otaku myself, I disprove of the sequencing of the fourth season since it was rather hustled and blatantly disregarded the actions of the manga chapters, no matter how enticing the episode progression was made to be. Therefore I am swiftly hoping that this upcoming set of episodes makes up for the rather pitiful way the fourth had failed to follow the plot line of Atsushi’s brilliant portrayal of characterization, profiling, and stupendous animation skills.
Still, in all aspects I am both eager to see what they come up with, and ready to criticize as (known to people around me) one of the harshest and specific film/animation/television critics around.
More information to come SE fans!

-Admin Squeak


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