Outside the Norm, But Still “Mainstream”

I live in a community where everything is more or less a binary understanding of things: men and women, white and not-white (no I’m not trying to be racist), English and other languages, religious and pagan… the list goes on. With such binary understandings of life, I grew up in an example of the Black and White Fallacy, where everything seems to only have two mutually-exclusive categories and that’s it.

However, all my life I’ve been fairly androgynous. In fact, I was inadvertently encouraged to be. My mother dressed me up in jeans and t-shirts up until I could pick my own clothes or had a uniform I needed to wear; I’d only look socially feminine when it was time to get my picture taken. She never seemed to care if I was boyish or mistaken as a boy growing up (because that happened on the frequent when I was an infant). As I grew, she “trained” me in belching, played football and basketball with me (my brother and my dad included), let me hunt for fishing bait with my dad and brother, and even let me watch Marvel movies alongside Disney princesses ones. She encouraged me to be quirky and authentic, to never be afraid to “play like a boy,” even if my other family members wanted me to behave like a lady.

Androgyny, where I come from, is still rather novel. Not many people in my home area represent “true” androgyny or the mixture of masculine and feminine traits. Its rarity makes it hard to understand on a larger scale, causing my own androgyny to be a stressful topic to combat.

Thankfully, over the past couple of years, I have discovered a way to help myself “come to terms” with my androgyny: cosplay. The art of cosplaying has really proven to be a great help with my gender attribution of gender-neutral/genderfluid. I can be whoever I wish to be.

October 13th (or Friday the 13th), I dressed up in a suit that made me appear more masculine instead of feminine. I shoot a picture to a few of my friends and they all liked my appearance; even people exceptionally close to me liked my appearance (which I half-expected.) What I didn’t expect was to get told that I wasn’t allowed to walk around in boy clothes every day. I had to reply, “It’s just a costume, nothing permanent.”

Even though I was raised like a gender-neutral existence, I was being denied my very existence right in front of me. And it hurt because I knew that wasn’t the intended expression, but that was the implication. To be honest, I felt awful about myself afterward. I felt like there was some part of me that was trying to trick me into thinking I was only meant to be female and not my natural androgynous self.

I’m not trying to be mean, spiteful, vindictive, or anything of the like; I’m just expressing my own personal struggle. And even though this post is a bit on the heavy side, please feel free to comment and share its message. 🙂




Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Greetings Everyone~!

Today’s post, as mentioned by the title, is a spoiler-free review of the latest installment to the Star Wars franchise: The Last Jedi. Specifically, I will be focusing on story, characters, interaction, and direction.

The Story

I enjoyed the direction the story arc took in this episode. Rogue One was a well-done pre-sequel that bridged the original and prequel trilogies, but The Last Jedi is in a park all its own. My significant other and I kept on predicting twists and turns every chance we were given and then were proven (at least halfway) wrong more than once.

The storyline of The Last Jedi is certainly a ride worth the price of the theater tickets. And all of the logical thinkers out there, please ignore some of the practicality misses!

Storyline Rating: 8.5/10

The Characters

Within The Last Jedi, was a ton of work on the characters: From flat, two-dimensional pieces of writing to full-fledged human resembling characters that have emotions, turmoil, relationships, and limitations. Overall, some characteristics became keystones, while others whithered and replaced.

I think the various intercharacter banter that happened helped to dimensionalize the main characters: spunky ones, cunning ones, deluding ones, and surprising ones. There are even some impressive “throwaways” that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Character Development Rating: 7/10

The Acting and Direction

Finally, on to the cinematography (since I’m leaving out spoilers!). The way the movie was designed was–in my opinion–a spectacularly creative choice in spite of a few illogical plot moments. I loved the portrayal of the lasers and the eminent saber battles. The way the outer space scenes were shot were impeccably beautiful and mesmerizing. When I looked at certain parts of scenes, I loved how the director (Rian Johnson) spun the story and even tied in certain elements to potentially excite some of the biggest Star Wars nerds!

Johnson surprised me since it wasn’t the same director calling the shots in this episode, but yet maintained the cinematography that is iconic for a Star Wars story all the while adding his own pizzazz as a garnish. Truly, I think his creative vision was the kind of thing we needed for such a take on the story’s plot and advancement.

The Actors

As for the acting, I loved how the actors tried to include some of the iconic traits of their characters to show the dynamics of their changes and, rather more, to humanize them and make them relatable. For example, when I first saw Rey, she was the standard Mary Sue heroine: capable to do anything, extremely talented, and somehow had the knowledge to fix something when a problem came up. Come Episode VIII, she’s evolved into a person, and not just a stereotype.

The way each character evolves is not only believable and palpable, it seems real and natural.

Acting/Directing Rating: 9/10


As for what I think about Episode IX: it’s been slated that J.J. Abrams will return to the slot of director and screenwriter for the movie. With this, I’m sure many already have high hopes or expect the things they don’t like to be fixed or redacted. But, I only think positive for this:

  1. Rey’s heritage will (hopefully) be revealed, expanded, or possibly (I hope not) redacted
  2. Kylo will continue to be developed as a character; as will Rey
  3. The conclusion of either the First Order or the Rebellion shall come
  4. One of the throwaways becomes significant for either the next trilogy, or the next SW Story


After my evaluation and understanding, I would recommend seeing this movie and I would watch it again.


A Holiday Update

Greetings all~

I am writing this to tackle the topic at hand: what to celebrate in December.

As someone who was raised in one faith, but challenges that faith every day of their life, I am a firm believer that whatsoever one believes should not be discriminated because of a personal celebration. It is true that many families in my country (the United States), celebrate the supposed-Christian holiday of Christmas; but I have friends who celebrate Hannukah and Ramadan or other holidays that aren’t Christmas.

One thing that particularly bothered me as a child was when people would argue over “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Christmas.” In many English-speaking countries, it is Happy Christmas, while in the States it is Merry Christmas. Then there is the fight between “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” and “Season’s Greetings.” Many people feel like they are being oppressed because they “can’t” say the first saying. No one is saying that you can’t say, “Merry Christmas,” to another person. But, most of these people are also telling others to not say the other two sayings and only say “Merry Christmas.”

This then snowballed into a so-called “War on Christmas,” that is depicted by some to be an oppressive movement to ban the celebration of Christmas. Christmas isn’t and will not be banned in the States; it is far too embedded in our culture. But, many forget the origins of Christmas and how they weren’t very Christian-like.

The Saturnalia Festival is an Ancient Roman pagan tradition that was celebrated in the name of the Roman god of the harvest, Saturn, to mark the end of the harvesting period. This holiday festivity was held when autumn was coming to an end and winter was coming. The Roman people had drinking, engorgement, gambling, gift exchanges, and even role-reversal for a week: commoners were in charge of social processions, people drank themselves stupid, and there were even crownings of Misrule (associated with the role reversal event.)

This festival is where Christmas adopted feasting, the consumption of alcohol, and gifting.

Then there is the Nordic Yule celebrated at the beginning of winter. Families would find the largest log they could, called a yule log, and set it aflame. It would burn up to 12 days–hello the carol “the 12 days of Christmas,” which is also tied to certain Christian celebrations as well involving Saints in the Catholic division. Yule also celebrated by feasting with meat and alcohol.

Christmas was, by design, a way to convert non-Christians to Christianity, and so it took some of the traditions from the pagans and modified them to benefit the religion. So, the “war on Christmas,” is merely just a way to try to bring attention to the holiday, even though Christmas isn’t the only holiday celebrated in December.

But, this isn’t meant to anger anyone. I simply wanted people to know that it’s okay to celebrate what you will in the winter month of December, whether you’re pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever.

Have a great winter, a splendid solstice, and Happy New Year.

Justice League: Non-spoiler Review

Greetings all~!

Sorry for such a late post. But, I’ve been really busy with my internship and the upcoming finals at school. However, as a club outing, the GMU Cosplay Club and I went to see the premiere of the Justice League movie in theatres.

Now, as a movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn’t that big on comic books growing up and so I didn’t find many plotholes or inconsistencies with the DC Extended Universe (EU) lore and story arcs. But, onto the review!

The Plot

To go over the basics of movie ideas, Justice League seems to follow a standard movie plot, but the plot isn’t the biggest point of the movie. A simplistic plot doesn’t always conclude a horrible plot line. You wouldn’t say that a movie based on a popular book is bad because you could predict what happens next, right?

The exposition consists of characters we already know from former DC movies and leads into a hopeful and suspenseful rising action. This rising action helped us see the title group’s predicted dynamic and understand the newly-introduced characters. Once we are introduced to the newer characters (a.k.a the comic-only characters until now) we get to see the climax of an introduced villain and the lore behind the villain’s appearance. The falling action starts to demonstrate the JL’s intercharacter dynamic and further helps us understand why certain characters are the way they are. Finally, the denouement (or conclusion) gives us not only a return to some sort of normalcy but leaves room for another addition to the DC EU movies.

The Characters

For those who know, the Justice League is comprised of primarily 6 superheroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash. The first three of our main heroes have already been introduced previously in the movie franchise, each with their own backstory, dynamic, and motivations. The latter three are considered new to the movies by the terms of recognition.

The character interplay is fantastic in the Justice League movie. Watching the characters play off one another in a myriad of ways was entrancing. I got to view their individual personalities as they were brought into a team of emotions, strategy, and preference. Each character’s personality is complex, necessary, and human that feels real instead of forced. It felt like I was watching the story of friends coming together, not acctors playing roles (aside from the helping fact that I didn’t immediately recognize the majority of them).

The interactions have their identifying traits and also seem natural between the characters, which is a bonus.

The Score

Acting: 9.5
Story: 7
Cinematography: 9
Costuming: 6
Design: 8
Plot: 6

Overall: 8

I would recommend Justice League to others as a fun movie for the family.  Please go see it if you have a chance!


Bye for now!


Learning is not a Weakness

Understanding Weakness

“We all have two options: stay in the past or move forward.” This phrase, along with a few other mantras, is one I use often. Every person in life comes across a set of struggles; usually, these struggles will either help or harm the person.

One of my favorite things about what I do is that I am able to understand where my weaknesses lie. Sure, being able to recognize fault is an item on the standard job interview questionnaire, but not many seem to understand what it is like to experience this recognition without someone asking for it to be verbalized. Such a skill can only be done through thorough examination of oneself internally.

My Weakness

But, what is a weakness, exactly? Well, that’s a tough word to explain. I could give you a definition from  Mr. Webster himself, but I’ll refrain from giving you recycled information.

Where is my weakness?

I would ask myself this question during a period of self-examination. During that period, I came to realize that I am always searching for something.

Though, what does it mean to be always searching? For me, always searching means that I am always curious; I am constantly seeking knowledge. To others I know, always searching could mean something vastly different like being confused or feeling like there is something missing. This is not the case for me.

I love to learn (an acquainted colleague wrote an interesting article on this!). Since I know that knowledge is endless, I have an insatiable desire to know all that I can humanly retain. I try my best to recognize that this is both a blessing and a curse in itself. For one thing, I can be oblivious to the obvious encounters in front of me; this is a downside, showing that it is a weakness. But, I’m also very thorough in my research of topics when I am handed a project, and it allows me to cross-reference and analyze my findings, proving it to also be an enhancer.

So, what is a weakness?

If you ask me, a weakness is something that you can improve: a skill, knowledge, interactions, comprehension. It isn’t something that holds you back; it should be something that pushes you forward.

Learning and education aren’t weaknesses by the standard definition. They are motivators and should be treated as such.

The Growth Mindset

Hello all,

This post’s topic is on the Growth Mindset and how to adapt to one. (I think the title is straightforward enough to explain that, right?) But! Not only is it about the Growth mindset, it’s also about different ways to help you get into one and maintain it.


What is a “growth mindset”? Simple: it’s internal positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is the use of compliments and rewards (of some sort) to promote an action or behavior. It’s also included in constructive criticism.

“I like what you did here, but I think the word choice is a bit confusing. Does it mean this, or am I misinterpreting?”

This is a form of positive reinforcement. It’s not just compliments and rewards; it can also be acknowledging that the reinforcer could be at fault for something related to criticism.

Contrastively, negative reinforcement is encouraging beneficial behavior or actions by means of pointing out flaws and errors. Such flaws and errors could also be out of the person’s control. Examples of negative reinforcement could be ableism, argumentation, and “pretty” insults.

“You shouldn’t do it this way.”
“Your project is so useful!”
“It isn’t that hard!”

(Granted, I’ve caught myself saying these kinds of things every so often. I try to refrain now.)


I didn’t always have a growth mindset. Even now, when I get stressed out I start internally screaming at myself and micro-managing, but I eventually get back to my self-forgiveness that comes from the growth mindset.

Even if you have a “little demon” that lives in your head, like anxiety or depression, for example, a growth mindset is still possible. That voice could be screaming at you, but I will always believe in you and the opportunities that Life holds for you, in spite of the little demon and its nasty ways.


Fight on,


A quick blog

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get internally isolated from the rest of the world?

What I mean is that it feels like you’re physically in the real world, but suddenly your mind gets lost and you don’t know why it does this. My mind is like this.

It sucks, feeling like all of a sudden, you cannot partake in the real world. At random, this feeling separates my attention, sucking me into a vortex that I don’t recognize; I never remember what happens during this “fazing out” from wherever my mind vanishes or the real world. It’s like my brain goes into white noise or an area where nothing exists, and yet I start feeling my chest constrict and my body going into fight or flight mode.

The real world will vanish, but my body is still seemingly able to respond to the panic, despite my ignorance of the cause. I’m glad it does, to be honest. If not, my friends would probably think that I need to be hospitalized or that I’m insane.

Also, it’s hard to admit when this stuff happens. Normally the responses are pretty polarized: either extremely in-your-face helpful or completely ableist. Just because one is vocal about it doesn’t mean they are seeking attention. Just because someone says, “yeah, I have anxiety,” but appears to be normal, doesn’t mean the anxiety isn’t real. Just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it’s not real.


Mental illness is just as crippling as physical ones.


This has been a PSA

Hell Schedule: Coping with an Internship

Greetings fellow Geeks and Peoples~!

The past week I started an internship with one of my educational Alma-maters: the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization. I graduated from the Diploma Programme in 2015 and now I am a communications intern! How exciting~.

One challenge: I am now having to balance my 2-year part-time job, university credits, an on-campus club, and this internship. This is gonna be one hell of a balancing act, because on top of the aforementioned, I have a social life that I would like to keep. Kinda hard to that with only one day to yourself, isn’t it?

Either way, this was just a brief update. I know I don’t post as much as some would like, but I must say that whoever reads this, I’m glad that you do read it.

Stay strong, people.


Music Junkie: K-Pop

There isn’t a point in complaining about something when the only things listening are a brick wall and a parrot.

Hey, all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on here, but, as the saying goes: Life waits for no one. With college, a part-full-time job, an unpaid internship, becoming an officer for a group on campus, and trying to budget for the new year, I’ve gotten myself up to my ears in work of all sorts.

Today’s Music Junkie Focus

However, I have had some time to do my music thing: making it, loving it, listening to it, and analyzing it. Today, I wanted to analyze a group of people whom I have joined, being K-pop fans. K-pop is the popular culture in Korea, consisting (mostly) of music and trends set up by famous labels and performers. The big labels I’ve seen and studied are the Monster 3: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. These three labels release many of the top-ranking artists in the Korean music industry, training them from young ages and making groups to then perform in a conceptual fashion.

Crazy K-Pop Fanatics

As I’ve said, K-pop is simply Korean Pop Culture, just like American Pop Culture consists of trends aesthetically and musically. But, K-pop performer fans (or fandoms) like to take things a little too far sometimes. Here is what I mean. K-pop music fans grow fond of certain groups, and within those groups choose a bias (or favorite member) to cheer for during the group’s endeavors. If something happens to the bias member that the fans don’t like, they complain and rant and whine to the record label as if their pleas and crying will be taken into account.

I’m not saying that I don’t react when my favorite member of a group gets fewer lines than the others in the song; because I do. What I don’t do is comment on the internet with the hopes that my complaining and dislike will fix the already produced product of the song or album.

I will use a few music groups that I know from the industry to demonstrate my point. The first is a group best known for cutesy concepts that portray the members as playful and childlike for their title tracks, while their B-sides are more sexy, powerful, seductive, and edgy.

TWICE: JYP’s Cuteness Bombshell

A 2-year-old group that is popular because of its vocal variety and catchy, cutesy Title tracks, TWICE (트와이스) is normally considered the girl group to beat. Musically, they have a diversity of voices and each of their title tracks has reached number one within no more than a week.

TWICE’s latest release is called SIGNAL. The lyrics translate to the members trying to get noticed by a crush but don’t understand how they’re not taking the hint. People got mad over this song simply because of how much each member participated vocally.

The top three (label-ranked) vocalists of the group are JiHyo, NaYeon, and JungYeon. JungYeon’s vocal style is different from the other two, having a bit more bite to it than a cutesy sound; and so, she frequently has fewer lines than JiHyo, NaYeon, and another vocalist, Mina. SIGNAL did the same pattern as the rest of TWICE’s title tracks: Jungyeon got 4th place in line distributions, but it’s not because she lacks the skill or anything. She simply just doesn’t have the sound that JYP (the vocal director) is looking for, and so she has fewer lines. This same situation works for Tzuyu. Her voice has a very mature feel to it, and so it doesn’t always fit the song in the way the vocal director would like. Her lines are often few in the title tracks, except for SIGNAL.

However, people go berserk (and I politely did so) over the fact that JungYeon consistently gets fewer lines in title tracks, but always has that one song where her voice shines as a B-track in the album. Fans don’t have to like the product, but businesses sell what the market wants. And that’s where it ends, I have to say.

BLACKPINK: YG’s Rookie Rocket

This 4-member girl group, BLACKPINK (블랙핑크), is a very hyped group with a fanbase that exploded upon their debut in 2016. Their latest song “As If It’s Your Last” (마지막처럼) is a mix of tropical house music and thumping baselines. As If It’s Your Last is vocal heavy, with a catchy chorus that is very repetitive and an English Rap part. One of the Vocals, JiSoo, had a smaller vocal exposure in this single than in others of the past. And out of 5 songs, she has never had the most lines, which has caused an uproar in BLINKs (the fan base).

But not only does this song have fans in a fit; so does the member line-up of the group itself. YG Entertainment only lists the general parts for each member, meaning the performance or idol category they have been trained in or are assigned to do/be. The line up is as follows (Written in the English fashion, not Korean fashion):

  • Jennie: vocal, rapper
  • Rose: vocal, dancer
  • JiSoo: vocal, visual
  • Lisa: rapper, dancer

So as it can be seen, the girls’ respective parts are considered general instead of the crazy lead vs. main crap that I’ll explain in a different post. But, it is the particulars that have the BLACKPINK fanbase in a civil war: who is the best? Who is second? Who should do what? How should YG arrange the parts? It’s all stuff that is uncontrollable by the audience, but yet has them screaming and fuming. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I also disclose the fact that not all fans of K-pop groups are idiotic and have tunnel-vision for their biases. Many, though, fall into the stubborn and unrelenting category from my personal observations.

Again, I can’t say that I’ve ALWAYS been logical, but I keep my opinions to myself. I do this because I know that the record labels aren’t going to listen my opinion whether it is alone or coinciding with a group’s. There isn’t a point to complaining about something when the only things listening are a brick wall and a parrot.

2NE1: Disbanded, but Still Standing

Another YG Entertainment girl-group, 2NE1  or 투엔니원 (said like the English number 21), was a ferocious and powerful in-your-face group with immense vocals, unique dancing, and experimental music styles. Though, most of 2NE1’s songs were a mix of R&B and House/Dancehall music, the group nevertheless was a big money maker for the label. A similar problem like BLACKPINK and TWICE appeared in this group as well.

The 4-member, currently disbanded, girl group has vocals, dancing, modelling, TV, and music down to a science. Each member has her own cute charms that makes her desirable to the public. Bom, meaning spring, has an interesting R&B voice that is both powerful and entrancing (though now she is not with the label). CL, standing for Chae Lin, has a distinctive voice that catches rhythm like a spider web does insects and seemingly flawless English-speaking skills. Dara has an impeccable mezzo-soprano register with beautiful projection and can rap. And finally, Minzy has a great, husky voice for R&B and can dance like she lacks a skeleton. (Seriously, her dance skills are crazy, sometimes I forget she has bones.)

However, one of the biggest complaints was that YG showed favoritism when creating the group’s songs, down to the title tracks. CL almost always got the most lines or the most memorable parts of the songs, with Minzy usually taking second place or tying the position with Bom. Also, it came down to Dara’s voice being so edited that it sounded alien or inhuman, and Bom’s register being forced to perform higher than its natural comfort zone.

No one knows exactly why this group disbanded, but needless to say, fans of YG Entertainment don’t want what happened to 2NE1 happen to the label’s new and only girl group BLACKPINK. Many 2NE1 Blackjacks (fans) have supported BLACKPINK and wish them the best. But YG Entertainment doesn’t have the best track record for employee treatment (and frankly, neither does JYP Entertainment).

That’s A Wrap

To conclude, my point is that if you are ever watching a YouTube video that’s K-Pop or K-pop related and you read the comments (like I do), this has been your warning. The rants and whining will begin, and even if they are heard, another group will consequently rant and complain. This is a never-ending cycle. But you don’t have to take part. Just enjoy the music you like and PLEASE try to keep a level head. K-pop is still a business at the end of the day.

This is Ocie signing out. 안녕! 감사합니다!

Mental Struggles

Typically I try to avoid posts like these, but I feel like even those in the Geekdom Realm are more than able to relate to the concept of this post. An iffy topic like this isn’t always easy to approach, mind you. I had to think long, hard, critically, and preparedly in order to write this article.  So here goes everything.

I suffer from anxiety, and it is high-functioning anxiety. This means that my anxiety is typically managed by me trying to do other tasks, or that managing my anxiety looks like I am dazing out into space. On the outside I appear, in all aspects, completely fine and problem-free. While on the inside, I am full of insecurity about the stupidest of things. And I know these things are stupid, but I can’t just turn off a switch to worry them, and medication doesn’t help fix the problem rather than it helps control it.

Whether or not you believe that anxiety is all in my head. Or that I am saying this simply because I may want attention or more followers. I can tell you that you are more than welcome to think as you will. I can’t stop you.

But, my anxiety is not the only problem. Sometimes, things like anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand. When they tend to overlap, it starts to make me feel as though I am incompetent, unable to be the person that I am asked to be. And it doesn’t matter sometimes, because it could get so bad to where it seems like your bed is your only friend and that sleep is your only escape from it all.

Please, for any of you who think that this kind of illness isn’t really a disease, please take into consideration that humans adapt to the environment to which they are exposed. Your environment effects how you talk, your word choice, your body language, your choice of fashion, your eating habits… It has such an effect on the majority of your life that you don’t notice it.

I notice mine, because my worldview will change when the anxiety kicks in. The way I see the world turns into a complete 180-degree opposite viewpoint. That, my friends, is scary beyond compare. When my entire mood changes for no obvious reason, and then I cannot figure out what has triggered the ongoing feeling, I get scared for my life.

So, I say again. PLEASE don’t brush off mental illnesses or just say, “Take your medicine”. You’re not helping the problem. You’re part of the problem by doing that. Even if you’re not quite convinced of the validity of mental illness, that is unimportant. What’s more important: your view being correct or making sure someone close to maintains the will to live? Even for just one more day?

This marks the end of my PSA.


Ophiuchus and his Omission from the Zodiac

Ophiuchus (Oh-FEW-cuss) is the least-known sign on the celestial equator for the sole purpose that he isn’t mentioned in the Western and Sidereal 12-signed zodiac systems. More often he is omitted in Western Astrology with the occasional appearance in the Sidereal, depending on the interpreting astrologer. Further research on this opened the door of my mental curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so I decided to delve further into the rabbit hole on the subject. Let’s start with the basics about Ophiuchus before moving on to reasons why he was omitted, other than the obvious.

Who (or What) is Ophiuchus?
The story behind Ophiuchus is an interesting one, primarily for the reason that the constellation seems to be generated from the story of a (supposed) ancient being. Ophiuchus is known as the Serpent Bearer, thanks to the Greek translation of his name, when being referred to astrologically and in mythology. His presence in the Tropical Zodiac line of progression seems very out of place to those who study the standard Western astrology; his placement being almost exactly beneath the constellation of Scorpio.

His past indicates one of secrecy, but not performed by him. And this is where the omitted sign piqued my interest. To explain, the synopsis of the story behind Ophiuchus’ existence in the celestial equator is nothing more than this:

The gods of Greece watched over Ophiuchus and his developments in the medical sciences. However, when they discover of his unusual methods, along with his extraordinary string of good fortune, Hades proposes a deal to Zeus to makes sure the gods maintain authority over man.

What do the Greek gods have to do with anything pertaining to a constellation? Back in Greek mythology, that is how the constellation of Orion appeared in the midnight landscape. Orion’s death was an unsightly accident that never should have happened, and so to honor his leaving of the “material” world, he was forever embedded into the celestial sky to be looked upon by his lover, Artemis. Ophiuchus has a different story, seeing as he intimidated the gods.

But, it wasn’t that he made the gods wary that caused his death; a discovery that would upset the current balance of the time is what caused the Fates to take him away. What is meant by that is Ophiuchus had supposedly found a way for humans to “live forever,” so to speak. This sparked the realization that if humans became immortal, some of the gods would no longer be necessary. Where would they go? How would they still exist?

This recipe to immortality was supposedly found in snake venom–nowadays known as the recipe for antivenom and others like it–and this was a novel and radical idea at the time. And, still referring to Greek Mythology, associating with the serpentine kind often affiliated a being with the Gorgons (think Medusa). When someone is associated with the not-so-nice Gorgons, suspicions are bound to rise. Also, despite being referred to as evil, one important, but lesser known, fact about serpents and snakes: they’re very intelligent, creating the ability of cunning.

So, Hades, Lord of the Underworld and Warden of Dead Souls, convinced the almighty Zeus to rid the human world of Ophiuchus and his potential of creating a “level playing field” between god and man. Instead of just allowing him to die, Ophiuchus was memorialized in the sky as the constellation “the Snake Bearer” to remind the mortals that you should not go beyond what the order of the universe states.

The Traits of those under Ophiuchus
The Snake Bearer Ophiuchus is probably one of the luckiest, if not the luckiest, along the celestial equator. When referring to the Zodiac, the traits of Ophiuchus are either alarming or enticing.

Positive traits owned by Ophiuchus are extremely high IQ’s, “freedom fighter” syndrome, justified altruism, authenticity, insatiable desire to know things, prosperous blessings, special treatment, trustworthiness, and likability. These are mostly categories and groupings of traits found from various sights during research.

The double-edged sword comes from the Negative traits under Ophiuchus: secret enemies, rebellious to a fault, judgmental thought processes, and ego problems. (Again, this list is an abbreviated list of categories that were deemed fitting of the majority of traits found for the Snake Bearer.)

Knowing the qualities isn’t enough information to use, though. The tendencies of those with an Ophiuchus “guidance” are prone to have lives that exist on Easy Street; and they can easily develop the problems of impatience, unhealthy narcissism, and constant separation. These problems can evolve from both the good and the bad of the omitted sign.

Hypotheses for Omitting Ophiuchuz

For those who may know, the Tropical Zodiac was deemed to be created by the Babylonians. Whether or not this is true is beyond my amateur knowledge. However, whichever society or civilization it was that decided to create the Tropical Zodiac, the people within it didn’t seem to like Ophiuchus.

Within the understanding of the Zodiac, each Sign has distinct or discernible traits that create its identity as that Sign. Also, each sign gets about the same amount of opportunity for power as the others. Ophiuchus, in a similar way to Pisces, takes traits from multiple signs on the wheel, except that Ophiuchus is historically viewed as one of higher value than the little fish, Pisces; the rationale is due to his lifelong streak of luck. This trait, passed down from Greek mythology, permeated the essence of Ophiuchus and the understanding of the Sign’s power: the ability to give one an exceptionally prosperous lifestyle.

With this knowledge, it can be understand why Ophiuchus would be omitted. Such a great power given to a Zodiac Sign seems unfair, which is a hypothesis as to why he isn’t allowed to be part of astrological system. But, to add to the argument, Ophiuchus has the trait that makes having enemies inevitable: easy, natural success.

Ophiuchus’ amicable nature and lifestyle of good fortune is a volatile mixture of information for the other constellations on the celestial equator. The Snake Bearer would be the only Zodiac sign based upon the idea of an actual person in some sort of mythology–don’t overthink and assume that Aquarius, the Water Bearer, is in relation to this because it represents a human. Those given the “cursed blessing” of possessing Ophiuchan traits are often already set apart.

Therefore, it can be assumed that one reason to omit Ophiuchus from the Zodiac is to maintain the idea that humans are flawed. The constellation of Ophiuchus is deemed to be the optimal kind of person according to its backstory. Granted, there are people who strive to be the idea of optimal or perfect within their individual perspective, but since what should and shouldn’t be considered optimal or ideal is a subjective matter, the easiest way to keep the Zodiac even remotely objective is to leave out the idea of perfection.

To show an argument, the twelfth Zodiac Sign, Pisces, is stated to gather traits from the previous eleven houses (Signs) in the Tropical system. However, which traits are gathered is stated to be an uneven amount that is ruled by the Sign’s element, orientation, and modality (all of which are for people fancy the study of astrology). Since Ophiuchus is assumed to be a so-called “perfect” sign, this would disrupt that balance, because Pisceans are nowhere near perfect; neither is any other Zodiac Sign.

The second hypothesis is the more logical-minded one: the creators of the Zodiac believed that having thirteen signs was an omen. Thirteen (13) is often dictated as an unlucky number, hence Friday the 13th being a dreaded day for the superstitious. Not only is 13 considered unlucky, but it is hard to have an even split when there isn’t an even number of items to divide. Having thirteen signs instead of twelve would disrupt the mathematical and systematical balances that helped create the Zodiac, aside from the mythology and social trends of the time.

So, there is an analysis of the Zodiac after a long period of hiatus for which I apologize. This article was an interesting research project and a fun one to write. I hope to post more in the near future.



The Upcoming Election

I know this isn’t very geek related, but it is a pertinent issue that has been flooding, assaulting, and raiding every aspect of social media. The upcoming election is holding the VA primaries March 1st, and I’m seeing people on my Facebook page saying things like, “if you support [pick a candidate] then unfriend me.” Truthfully, I think this is a childish way to act over beliefs and ideals. I may be an idealist myself, but I am not an ass like these people.

You guys, my nerdly audience, never seem to respond for whatever reason. But I’m still going to say that you’re more than welcome to put in your two cents without any retort from me.

Thanks for reading!


Non-spoiler Movie Review of “Star Wars: Episode VII”

The continuation of an age-old, legacy, legendary American film has finally surfaced.

As a part of the fandom, I went to see Episode VII: The Force Awakens with my nerdy-geeky dork squad of a family. I am typically a harsh critic, but I have to say that there wasn’t much to criticize in Episode VII. We’ve all enjoyed our little fangirl (and fanboy) moments of our favorites Stars Wars franchise movies, from the snowy Battle of Hoth and the destruction of the Death Star to the backstory of Darth Vader. The seventh installment of this wonderful and nostalgic franchise is nothing short of the expectations, even to the overly critical Jedi that have followed the faith since the first release of Episode IV in 1977.

My Overall Rating: Recommended at 5/5.

Since this is a non-spoiler, I won’t go into too much detail until a good while after the theatrical release. I won’t try plot points or important characters, but I cannot guarantee such whims.

Part One: Adaptation and truthfulness to the original set up. Disney (R) elected director JJ Abrams collaborated with George Lucas to think of a way to portray the next story arc. In my personal opinion, I believe that the story was both nostalgic and refreshingly unique in its own way. There is a combination of old and new that  (I hope) will please the wide age range of its loving and adoring fans.

Point Two: Character Setup and Complexity. As mentioned previously, the character combos are amazing, bringing together the old generations and the new. Sometimes, Disney characters have the underwhelming tendency to be flat and static, but the company really pulled through at maintaining the complexity and multiple facets of the franchise’s iconic character stylings.

Finally, Point Three: The appeal towards the Generation Gap. J.J. Abrams’ adaptation to Kennedy’s question “what makes Luke Skywalker” gave, at least me, the idea that Abrams truly wanted to keep the mystery and tradition in this film. There may be a few scenes that seem a bit clichéd, but I still think that there’s more to look at than just the “repetition” of the old movies.

The Beauty of Foreign Language

Здравствуйте, люды! Hola, gente!

Hello, people! I know I haven’t been on in a while, but that’s what college does to you! Above, I typed to you all in Russian and Spanish. I am a current Language Pathology major up at university studying Linguistics and Foreign Language.

So, I wanted to ask all of you a special question: How do YOU use language? Do you prefer to speak, write, or draw?

Right-Brained or Left-Brained?: Conundrum Solved

The concept of “left” and “right” brain. Many great thinkers and people were discovered to possess traits of both sides.

Hello people, today I would like to discuss something of great importance to me, and to a class that I was once part of: Theory of Knowledge. My instructor told us to evaluate the validity of this concept. It wasn’t something I knew of very well at the time, but it fascinated me to the point that I continued researching the concept.

It turns on that the whole “right-brained or left-brained” concept was used by the culture in order to separate people into categories. This means that this concept is flawed and ruled by social culture. We all live in this culture, and we’ve all been told that STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering) are where the money is being made; but that would single out the more creative and artsy people. So the artsy people then created STEAM, which includes the Arts and Music, to combat STEM.

When in all reality, all subjects are important. Not only that, but the matter of right- vs. left-brained thinking has been pronounced meaningless: it no longer matters that one person is logical over creative. In the above infographic is a short list of people (Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, Albert Einstein, and Dong-Hoon Chang) and each of the people had traits from the right and left brain lobes.

So, allow me to reach a point: this society is stuck in a tradition that is inaccurate. The inaccuracy can be fixed by future generations, but they must be taught that they are not divisible by how they think by the current generation: US.

In the United States alone, we have slowly started to deem arts and more social classes as “add-ons” that simply get in the way of “critical learning” because schools have been more focused on how smart we can make our students. Nowadays, one has to be both smart and innovative in order to be wildly successful. That involves the skills of STEAM, which is the combination of all learning, from logic to inspiration.

I truthfully hope that this post enlightens people, educators, and learners alike.

Thank you all for reading.

Marriage Equality, Social Explosion, and a Fireworks Show

Good morning The Geekdom. Sorry that I’ve been so late to the party, but since I am I’ve decided to wrap up three important current events in one post. So, please, bear with me.

Topic 1: Marriage

On 29 May 2015, the Supreme Court dictated that the forbiddance of homosexual marriage was unlawful and unjust, and officially declared any marriage or knot-tying between any two persons valid in all 50 states. I deem that a step forward in today’s economy (and I understand that not all of you will agree with me). But, nonetheless, if the USA is supposed to be the “land of the free and the home of the brave” as stated in our national anthem, then we have to honor what that says, even if it means sacrificing certain opinions to guarantee the freedom we seek.

After all, freedom doesn’t come free. 🙂

I understand as well that I am surrounded by many Christian believers who are disgusted by this act of justice, who are also saying that it is not “true love”. In that case I must argue the opposite. Homosexuals, Bis, Pans, and asexuals cannot control for whom they have feelings, and there is scientific data and evidentiary support backing it up. So, to reply to their disgust: It is not your life so why does it matter to you? Just let people be happy.

Topic 2: Social Networking

Upon the revelation of marriage equality being legal, the social network’s bandwidth nearly exploded as hundreds of thousands–straights and gays alike–celebrated their victory in public. It seems to be the start of a revolution.

In lieu to Facebook and other networks being bombarded by the lovers, another riot has broken out over the social media nationwide. The Confederate Flag, which is the symbol of Southern pride and hospitality, is deemed to be racist because of the Charleston “massacre” earlier this year. Granted the event was tragic, but no grudges were held against the man who killed the nine churchgoers. Nor did the meaning behind the Confederate Battle flag change because of it.

Many folks from the darker skintone don’t see that the people who have stimulating conversations with them and respect the “rebel” flag are not racists or trying to make them feel appreciated because they are second class. Like every flag this one has a history and is a symbol that is often misinterpreted by people of society. Me, personally, I never saw it as racist. I never thought race was a social separator until I discovered racist children and adults bullying those of the darker skin.

Due to the offense people have taken to this symbol of heritage, many major stores are planning or have already taken action. They’re removing it from all large-scale outlets. Though, they don’t realize, the more you forbid something, the more it is desired. You can’t force a nation to do anything if you show no respect for opinions.

So, to wrap this up, I don’t understand why people refuse to see that, despite people who are racist are flying this flag, so are people who think that racism is crap. I mean, I have dark-skinned family members who fly that flag.

Topic 3: 4th of July

Strangely I am transitioning into the American national holiday known for fireworks and beer. Why? Two reasons:

  1. 4th of July is like an early birthday celebration for me. One that I don’t have to plan.
  2. It’s the easiest present for my Aunt, who was born on July 4th.

But, I realized that this national celebration relates with the previous topic: pride in my nation. Because, if the Confederate Flag was to be illegal (and it is a sign of celebration of upbringing (that isn’t necessarily racist)) then shouldn’t having any pride in this country be considered illegal? It’s just a question.

Anyway, I should sign off for now until I find a new topic to post about. If this sparks up a debate, please be respectful of those you are arguing with. Thank you.



Mixing the Generations

Okay. I am an older generation mentally and by heart, but I’m very adept to new age equipment.
I still read books, I still watch 90’s cartoons, and I even enjoy movies from the 70’s and 80’s. My music taste is from the grungy, in your face 1990’s and yet I can manipulate the technology of today’s generations of the 00’s and the 2010’s.

So I can probably say that you might be wondering why I’m  posting this, well as a geek i have fonded myself with specific niches and hobbies that I feel are acquired to my mental processing. One of those niches would be technology. At 17 years old i have basically mastered Windows OS 8.1, the latest Microsoft Office software, and the pathways of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series. Needless to say that I have definitely been through hell trying to understand them as I fiddled with the spawns of Evil starting out.

This post, “Mixing Generations,”is all about the ways older generations can possibly be up-to-date in a rapidly advancing, competition investing, world of enterprise.

So allow me to officially begin. Older generations are often seen as outdated and the newer ones as misunderstood, when in all reality both are the latter of this spectrum. Each have their ideas which are novel and strange to the other because of the way society advances and changes in the blink of an eye. But sometimes, I believe these barriers can be broken if people become more open minded to the ideas of now and the simplicities that they can become.

For example, I am typing this post on the new Galaxy S6, or at least it is new for the time that I’m writing this, and come from an old soul mindset with a different set of values than the kids of today. I know this system as if I’ve had it for months now and it’s only been two days since my upgrade was gotten.

When I was younger, I had to work for what I wanted or just not get it, and was taught that money is a privilege to not be thought of lightly. I didn’t have much then and still don’t, but I don’t strive to have the best in order to top someone else or to be seen as “cool”. That’s not in my nature.

Many of my friends and family operate like this, too, but are not technologically inclined like I am. The easiest way to overcome this wall is to see things through the eyes of the youmger generation so that we older generations aren’t left to choke on the dust of their wheels. Granted, it’s  not easy to change the way traditions are viewed, but it’s worth a shot.

If this upsets any of you readers, I dearly apologize; if it inspires, then I’m glad. This kind of transition will, of course, take time to commit and involve those of generations past, but it also puts us as a nation, and as people, one step closer to an understanding national community.

Thank you,


A Complete Head Transplant?

Okay, I’m sure the title line was interesting or disturbing enough for you to ask, “WTH is going on here?” Well, let me tell you:

An Italian doctor, Dr. Sergio Canavero, is a medical associate in neurological surgery. He is determined to do a full head transplantation surgery on a volunteer patient, 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov, a man who is suffering from “Werdnig-Hoffman disease”.

This particular surgery, from the article I read (and have attached), takes almost 36 hours and 150 medical people to complete! Wowza that’s a lot of people to work on one man.

And better yet, Spiridinov knows the consequences could be “worst than death” but still continues to offer himself as guinea pig. I guess he has nothing to really lose! The Russian man (I’m saying this because it’s easier than saying his name) could basically be considered legally insane after the operation because his psyche could be permanently destroyed. He’s taking the circumstances better than I would in his shoes.

Canavero says that the “professionals are wrong” about head transplantation and that it is now fully capable of being fulfilled with a success. I sure hope he’s right. As a doctor, Canavero is literally taking a gamble with life and death here; I know I would most definitely crack under this kind of publicity and pressure.

So, to get this Italian man’s point of view, watch the nine minute TEDx Talk below and let me know what you think. Also, a link to the article talking about Dr. Canavero. http://www.sciencealert.com/world-s-first-head-transplant-volunteer-could-experience-something-worse-than-death


Sexuality: An Exhausted Topic to Continue

Hello all my fellow people, followers, and outcasts! A warning to all who continue: This post has been researched, understood, interviewed, and discussed beforehand by my own power. If you choose to proceed, I mean to demean no person and am trying to make a point. Commenting of your point of view and arguments is accepted and expected from any and all who read.

Without further ado, my post.

Today, I’m going to discuss a topic that has been on my mind for a while now: sexuality.

I already know the dangers, politically and socially, that come as a package deal with this topic, and I still choose to continue on. Firstly, to state my opinion, I think that the idea of sexual racism has been overextended and is far beyond its “necessity” of argumentation. It’s not a debate, it’s fact, that people have different chemical balances within the brain that are irreversible and cause them to behave differently than others; but that doesn’t mean that these people are inhuman, of wrong decision, or (from certain religious perspectives) committing an open sin.

That kind of closed-minded lens is exactly the reason why many people I know feel uncomfortable to admit their sexuality or even try to admit they believe they could be the wrong gender. What world or nation are we if we simply single out what is unappealing to us individually?

We cannot blame one individual for not appealing to our tastes and beliefs because we are not that person. Each of us is a unique and beautiful person on our own in this mine field called Life. And it is not pleasant at all to constantly feel like you’re on trial for something you cannot help. However, just because we don’t like one thing, or we are not “wired” the way that the other person is, does not give us the right–as a public–to bash them or turn it into a high-intensity “debate” that brings nothing but hostility, stupidity, and a wedge of segregation into play.

I agree with the pop singer Jessie J and her outlook on this topic.

I want young people to know that they can belong – whatever your culture, your religion, your sexuality – that you can live life how you want to live it and feel comfortable how you are. ~Jessie J

I’ll admit straight out that I am no longer Christian like my family. I am not atheist, though. And even when I was a Christian, I saw the arguments over this topic, for lack of a better terminology, stupid and downright idiotic to continue. That, my friends, was almost 6 years ago, when I discovered that one of the kids older than me was homosexual, and that one of my ex-boyfriend’s parents was a lesbian. I was cool with it, because it wasn’t my place to judge how they lived their lives.

Later on, I learned about the chemical “imbalances” that caused the different kinds of sexuality, and accepted that I couldn’t change it and embraced the many friends that I later discovered were either homosexual or some other kind of sexuality that I didn’t completely understand. But these arguments? They have got to stop. It is absolutely boorish, short-sighted, and judgmental to just say that just because someone isn’t heterosexual automatically makes them a human being who has made wrong choices and refuses to follow the path that Life meant to create.

As far as I see it, Life is simply a series of obstacles and obstructions that are meant to cause us to look into ourselves and question what the world decides to tell us is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. It makes truly no sense that people are still trying to make an argument about Gay Rights or ban Homosexuality and others of the such because it’s something that can’t be changed or eliminated.

It may not be “normal” but it is very much “human” and should just be dropped as a topic for arguing.

So, to prove that I researched both sides of this case, I’ll elaborate on the Pro-Hetero arguments that I personally believe are not able to be argued about.

1. Homosexuality goes against religion, as said by Leviticus 20:13.

Okay. So that’s what the Bible says. But I’ve heard of the Bible being comparable to the Constitution of the United States, but in reference to Christian followers. That book is too old for Christians to try to date, and it has been translated individually so many times that it is nearly impossible to know the true meaning. So, allow me to pull out my own counterargument: the necessary-and-proper clause.

This particular clause was assigned to the Constitution of the United States, stating that if the country saw it “necessary and proper” to apply an action that was not explicitly stated in the Constitution, that the government would be allowed to carry out said action. The Bible, in my opinion, should be no different. Also, we live in a very diverse society and culture in the U.S. and should embrace the statement that was made by the Founding (Christian) Fathers about “all men were created equal”.

2. Homosexuality is a choice and an open sin towards the Lord Almighty.

I cannot emphasize this enough: A PERSON’S SEXUALITY IS NOT THEIR CHOICE! It has been scientifically proven, and yet old-fashioned “bumpkins” with overly-conservative mindsets refuse to even look at collected data and test results that physically show that any sort of sexuality is not a choice. Like I’ve said before, you can’t blame someone for something that displeases you. Likewise, a person should not be judged by something they cannot willingly control.

3. Homosexuals are a disgrace to the idea of what makes a human being.

And, yes, I have heard many religious and traditional people yell this aloud before. This is probably the most flawed argument I have seen out of the three I have to dissect.

Flaw #1: this is faulty because any -sexuals are still humans and cannot further disgrace what we have already disgraced of ourselves as a society.

Flaw #2: trying to answer a question with a philosophical controversy. It doesn’t work. There is not much anyone can say that can convince me (a very avid philosophy student and sociopolitical activist) that a different mental balance can “disgrace” an already multicultural and diverse population.

Flaw #3: the word “disgrace”. That only disgrace that would exist is the fact that this sentence was just uttered.

Now, I’m not bashing anyone’s beliefs. I’m just pointing out my research and understanding of a topic that shouldn’t be as controversial as trying to figure if a zebra is black-on-white or white-on-black. It’s like skin color, you can’t change how you were born.

And that, my people, is a NERD’s perspective on another social misconception and political debate.

Junkie Vent–> Music Discrimination

Hey G33ks, Nerds, and fans of all sorts that have rallied here! I’m back for probably this week. So, I entered my school’s talent show and went with a song from Paramore being the #parawhore I am. At first I was going to perform Carole King, but in the back of my mind I was sure I was going to screw up, so I went with Plan B: Some nice punk-rock.

The downside to this is that my mother thinks it is screamo, which irritates me deeply because the only thing she seems to consider music is country and 80s-90s rock and roll. To her, everything else is screaming. (This also might be partially because her hearing goes in and out.)

As a newly found Buddhist, I am supposed to let this go and let it be. But I find that hard to do. Also, as a passionate music enthusiast, I refuse to let anyone try to dictate my music style in any way, shape, or form.

So, there is a good side to this rather negative post. The reason I’m saying this is because I drew inspiration from my friend Tim, a hardcore heavy metal rocker. 🙂 He says to listen to what you please, even if it angers people (and I’m making this far less colorful). Thanks for reading, my beloved audience. I hope you embrace who you are.


A Relationship Like TV

Alright my N.E.R.D.s and g33ks, I have finally been able to relate my life to a TV show. Or at least to television in general.

I’m not sure if I have said this before, but I have a big family thanks to my parents being divorced: I have a full-brother, half-brother, stepbrother, and a stepsister. I care for each of them in the same way, regardless of how long I’ve actually known them.

I hope I can make this a sweetly short post so I don’t bore anyone, because really there isn’t much to say on this behalf. So, I’ll start now:

My relationship with my full-brother Dakota is kind of like the relationship of Ishizu and Marik Ishtar from the anime “Yu-Gi-Oh!”. Marik is the one who is rebellious, curious, and cunning while Ishizu is experienced, caring, and compassionate. She cares for her brother greatly. As do I.

However, this relationship is a two-way mutuality–Dakota protects me as I defend and look out for him. I try to guide him, usually he ignores me but I remain persistent as always. I try to show him the good of the situations, or at least giving him the support of knowing it isn’t the worst.

But my brother is the big eleven, and with my being seventeen he’s stressed out just like I am. I’m leaving him (albeit temporarily) to go to college and I won’t physically be there to give him an emotional boost. However I also won’t have my biggest supporters at my side when I go back to school (plural because of my mother as well).

So, to end this mini-speech, I say that my brother(s) and I don’t fight often, and even when we do it blows over in about a day. 🙂 Not exactly like the Ishtars, but I think it’s close enough.

Another Music Junkie Post

Hey all you NERDs and G33Ks! I’m a music junkie, and I’ll admit that I am in love with Paramore. A lot of my friends are, too. I don’t think people should really be judged or humiliated by what bands they do or don’t listen to. I like punk rock, grunge, post-grunge, and metal, and finally.

I find it funny when my classmates or family members try to predict me listening to only country music, because it’s not true. They just don’t want me to grow up yet. Ha. I feel like any of you have felt that way at least once: people judging you by your music tastes, or trying to predict them? It’s bogus. Humans are, in majority, NOT telepathic, so why should we try to be?

I’ll go out and say that the bands who have helped me out the most in life seem like polar opposites; they are Rascal Flatts and Paramore. Being a Flatthead I know that RF is a country/soft rock band by category under the label Big Machine Records; however, being a Para-whore (because I’m obsessed) I also know that Paramore is a punk-rock band with a bit of a pop twist as of their self-titled release from the label Fueled By Ramen.

I try to make these post entertaining and often inspiring, because I feel that people like us–the misfits–take way too much crap, and therefor see no reason in trying to reduce our status to the equivalence of mere slugs. I also know that there are people out there which similar, if not the same, interests as us Misfits.

I listen to hard music, and I sing along with it even if my vocal styling doesn’t quite match. Why? Because I believe in the uniqueness and authenticity of people should be allowed to be existent, not just hoped for. I know I am only one person, but I try to encourage this because I have been down that rut and I hope none of you readers have to, or that I can help you with it. After all, :), we have to stick together, don’t we?

Yours, OcieOMG